Where to Vote

New Brunswick has 13 polling places that will be open from 6AM-8PM on Tuesday, November 8.

  • Lord Stirling School, 101 Redmond Street
  • Woodrow Wilson School, 133 Tunison Road
  • Rutgers Labor Education Center, 50 Labor Center Way
  • Redshaw School, 216 Livingston Avenue
  • Board of Education Adult Learning Center, 268 Baldwin Street
  • Roosevelt School, 83 Livingston Avenue
  • New Brunswick Housing Authority Office, 7 Van Dyke Avenue
  • New Brunswick Middle School, 1125 Livingston Avenue
  • First Reformed Church, 9 Bayard Street
  • Hungarian Heritage Center, 300 Somerset Street
  • Lincoln School, 66 Bartlett Street
  • Senior Citizens Resource Center, 81 Huntington Street

Voters should go to the assigned polling location, as printed on their sample ballot.  See the map below and click on your area to see which polling place covers your community.

If you encounter any problems while voting, or if you would like a ride to your voting location, please contact us at 732-993-9697.