It’s time that we clean up our city.  That means cleaning up more than just the litter on our streets.  Here are the values that Charlie promises to support and stand up for if you elect him:


Improve New Brunswick’s Public Transportation System

  • Create a Transportation Department to replace the troubled Parking Authority and finally address our crippling parking and transportation problems
  • Partner with Rutgers University to develop a free, robust, year-round electric bus system that connects New Brunswick’s neighborhoods
  • Develop a central online space for information about public transportation options
  • Make our streets and intersections safer for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Advocate for state and federal funding to establish a light rail transit system

Replace Fossil Fuel Consumption With Green Energy 

  • Create a community energy aggregation program to provide New Brunswick with clean electricity to take advantage of discounted rates by buying in bulk
  • Work with environmental advocates to increase wind and solar energy incentives
  • Develop and implement a plan for New Brunswick to transition to 100% renewable energy consumption by 2035


 Protect Our Water and Keep it Public

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to invest in our water treatment and distribution infrastructure to improve the quality and reliability of our public drinking water
  • Use technology to eliminate the need to estimate water and sewer bills
  • Work with regulatory agencies to prevent toxic waste from poisoning our water
  • Clean up the Raritan River and fight polluters who jeopardize our water sources
  • Always tell the public immediately if there is a problem with the drinking water

Keep Our Neighborhoods Clean and Polluters in Check

  • Schedule more recycling pickups and volunteer-led litter clean-ups
  • Organize volunteers to help seniors shovel snow after winter storms
  • Install more public garbage cans in busy areas to prevent litter
  • Hold gas stations, factories, and other polluters accountable for their discharges
  • Attract businesses that behave responsibly and create clean, green jobs


End Corruption in New Brunswick Government

  • Abolish the failing New Brunswick Parking Authority and take control of their $390 million of debt before their fiscal problems spiral further out of control
  • Separate the New Brunswick Housing Authority from the Redevelopment Authority so that the NBHA can focus on creating more affordable housing
  • Create an anti-corruption task force to investigate allegations of misconduct
  • Install GPS tracking devices in all city-owned vehicles to prevent misuse
  • Advocate for and abide by term limits for all elected officials, including me

Stop The Violence and Reform the NBPD

  • Establish a Public Safety Department to oversee police, fire, and EMS
  • Hire police who live in New Brunswick and put more officers on foot patrol
  • Establish independent civilian review board for complaints against police
  • Make body-worn cameras a required part of the police uniform
  • Proactively address issues with officers who do not follow rules and regulations


Support Working Families, Renters, Immigrants, and our Homeless Population

  • Create a job training program to connect residents with good-paying, safe jobs
  • Enforce the city’s abandoned property ordinance and fix up vacant buildings
  • Open free computer labs with internet access in all five wards of our city
  • Investigate slumlords and employers who abuse or rip off their workers
  • Reject all applications for long-term tax exemptions that hurt our school system

Encourage Public Participation and Improve Transparency

  • Host monthly bilingual public forums on issues that affect the community
  • Provide greater access to information about crime and gangs
  • Build strong neighborhood associations to advocate for the people of our city
  • Create a public access television station and broadcast all public meetings
  • Advocate for same-day voter registration and more convenient polling places