Vote by Mail

Any New Brunswick registered voter is allowed to vote by mail. Hundreds of voters have already returned their ballots but it’s not too late to request, receive, and return a mail-in ballot in this election.

It’s too late to request a mail-in ballot, but you can still request one at the County Clerk’s Office, located on the Fourth Floor at 75 Bayard Street in downtown New Brunswick. If you go there during business hours, until 3pm on Monday, November 7, they will be able to give you your ballot right away.

How to vote using your mail-in ballot

Voting by mail can be complicated.  Once you receive your mail-in, make sure to read and follow the instructions so that your vote is not discarded.

  • Make sure to use a pen that writes in black ink.
  • Fill in the circles above the names of the candidates you support.
  • Only vote for one Mayor candidate (You can find me in Column F.)
  • DO NOT use checkmarks, X’s, or circle candidates. Only fill in the bubble.
  • DO NOT sign or write any letters, words, or messages on the ballot itself.

Insert your completed ballot it into the yellow envelope, seal the envelope and complete the certification on the flap.  But DO NOT tear off the flap.

Then insert the yellow envelope into the green envelope so that you can see the barcode through the open window and either:

  • mail your ballot by dropping it in a US mailbox, handing it to your letter carrier, or bringing it to a post office, or
  • drop your ballot in one of the¬†official ballot dropboxes here:
    • 40 College Avenue – outside “The Yard” on the Rutgers campus
    • 75 Bayard Street – outside the County Building in downtown

As always, if you encounter any problems or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 732-993-9697. We’re here to help!