Charlie Kratovil Supports Pay Raise for City Crossing Guards

Thanks to the advocacy of New Brunswick Mayoral Candidate Charlie Kratovil, the city’s crossing guards are set to receive pay raise at tonight’s City Council meeting.

Charlie has been standing up for the approximately 50 crossing guards working in the Hub City, who protect children’s safety on their way to and from school everyday.

“Crossing guards have an important and dangerous job,” said Kratovil.  “I’ve been proud to work alongside community advocate Danielle Moore in pushing the City Council to give these hard-working people a well-deserved raise.”

On Labor Day, Kratovil announced his plans to raise the wages of New Brunswick’s lowest-paid municipal employees over the next three years.  The plan called for most crossing guards to receive a $2.50 per hour raise, by bringing the starting pay rate to $15 per hour.

“These raises will help to combat poverty and runaway inequality, improve the city’s ability to recruit and retain quality staff, and show solidarity with campaigns to raise the minimum wage for all workers,” said Kratovil.

Only two days after Kratovil announced his plans, the city government decided to give the crossing guards a raise, eventually introducing ordinance O-091805, which provides for raises of $1 or $1.25 per hour effective October 22.

Kratovil recognizes that this is a victory for the people of New Brunswick and promises to make additional changes that will foster the health and growth of our city.

“For our city run smoothly, all city workers need to earn a living wage.  New Jersey is an expensive state to live in, and our city is no exception,” said Kratovil.  “I pledge that I will do everything I can to advance the cause of working people here in New Brunswick – not just our city workers, but all working people.”