Mayoral Candidate Charlie Kratovil Announces Plan for Parking Relief

On Monday, October 8, Charlie will lay out his vision to tackle both the crippling parking problem, and the New Brunswick Parking Authority’s $390 million debt.

Charlie has been listening to residents and business owners about their parking concerns: the shortage of spaces, the expensive rates, the frequent tickets, the confusing rules, and the lack of solutions to any of these problems.

“For the past seventy years, New Brunswick has had a parking authority that has actually perpetuated its parking problem.  I have a comprehensive plan to relieve this problem by abolishing the NBPA and transitioning to a 21st-century model,” said Kratovil.

Charlie’s proposal follows in the footsteps of other New Jersey communities like Jersey City, Montclair, and Bloomfield.

By dissolving their parking authority, Jersey City saved taxpayers approximately $850,000 per year in redundant management and healthcare costs and helped bring more accountability to an important sector of their local government.

Dissolving the NBPA will enable New Brunswick to establish a more accountable government entity, the New Brunswick Department of Transportation (NBDOT), one that will have a more comprehensive approach to improving the parking situation, access to public transportation, pedestrian and cyclist safety, taxi service, and road repairs.

With this new approach, the city government will be able to strategically invest in properties to provide off-street resident parking in the neighborhoods where the demand outstrips supply.

“Parking affects all of our businesses and institutions, but it also affects all of our neighborhoods. As the candidate who will put our residents and their needs first, I am committed to addressing the parking problem in a way that prioritizes resident parking,” said Kratovil.

Charlie’s plan to dissolve the NBPA will also give the city greater control over their $390 million debt.  This is debt that the administration of Charlie’s opponent has agreed to guarantee in its entirety, putting taxpayers on the hook.

“The NBPA’s out-of-control debt is perhaps the most important issue for taxpayers in this election,” said Kratovil.  “The next Mayor must make it a priority to tackle this problem in a way that protects our people and ensures the next generation is not saddled with major liabilities or undesirable assets.”

All are welcome to attend.

WHO:  New Brunswick Mayor Candidate Charlie Kratovil

WHAT:  Announcement of Charlie’s Parking Relief Plan

WHEN:  Monday, October 8 at 3:00 pm

WHERE:  Corner of Somerset and Plum Streets in New Brunswick