Mayor Candidate Charlie Kratovil Endorsed by RU Progressive

Charlie Kratovil, the candidate for Mayor of New Brunswick, secured the unanimous endorsement of RU Progressive, the leading progressive student organization in New Jersey.

“We are proud to endorse Charlie Kratovil for Mayor of New Brunswick. It’s time to elect someone who truly knows the struggles of the average New Brunswick citizen,” said Adeel Ahmed, one of the founders of the organization and its current co-President.

RU Progressive was founded in 2015 as Rutgers For Bernie, and it was recently recognized as Rutgers University’s official campus chapter of Our Revolution, the progressive political organization launched following the Presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Charlie expressed his gratitude for the endorsement, and hopes that more organizations will follow suit by endorsing his progressive campaign for change.

“I was honored to receive the endorsement of RU Progressive,” said Kratovil.  “This should make it clear that our campaign is by far the most progressive one in this race.”

“I am hopeful that this will be the first of several major endorsements coming our way over the next few weeks,” said Kratovil.

Charlie’s campaign is focused on giving residents the clean streets, clean air, clean water, and clean government that they deserve.  Earlier this month, Charlie laid out his plans to raise wages for the lowest-paid city workers during his first three years in office.

Organizations interested in endorsing the campaign can contact our Endorsements Coordinator at [email protected].