Mayor Candidate Charlie Kratovil Announces Community Advisory Team


Charlie Kratovil, the New Brunswick Mayoral Candidate, is proud to introduce the initial group of community leaders that will serve as his advisors for the remainder of the campaign.

On Sunday, September 23, Charlie met with his Community Advisory Team at the Lazos Community Center to discuss the major issues facing the city.

“This team is a key part of out grassroots effort to make this city a better place to live and work.  It is certainly a tremendous contribution to my campaign that this diverse and committed team of people brings over 200 years of experience living in New Brunswick,” said Kratovil.  “Each advisory member will be reaching out in their wards to ask for input and ideas from residents.”

At the closing of their first meeting, Kratovil said,  “What will make this city strong is our people. I look forward to working with my Community Advisory Team and am grateful for their commitment.”

The initial group of advisors includes representatives of each of the city’s five wards:

Nancy Scalzone has lived in New Brunswick’s First Ward for over 35 years, and is affiliated with a local animal rescue.  She has been active in proposing humane solutions to help control the feral and stray cat population.

“We need a change and I feel Charlie is more connected to the needs of our citizens,” said Scalzone.  “He will be a full time Mayor!”

Brandon Espana is a Rutgers University student who was born and raised in New Brunswick.  He lives in the Second Ward, works as a tutor for local high school students, and interns at Lazos America Unida, a local Mexican-American community organization.

“Charlie’s a genuine person who is putting the people of New Brunswick above anything else,” said Espana.  “He’s not running for personal gain but to improve the city we all call home. Charlie represents much needed change.”

Corpus Guante is a homeowner in the Second Ward, where he has lived for 11 years.  He is a laborer and a father of three children.

“I’ve known Charlie to be a tenacious worker who’s done a great job defending our community with his voice of alertness and his punctuality with objectives in New Brunswick,” said Guante.

Jad Kaado is a lifelong New Brunswick resident who works as a part-time lecturer and adjunct professor at Rutgers University.  He lives in the Second Ward and serves as literary curator for the non-profit arts organization coLAB.

“Charlie embodies the change that New Brunswick needs and also deserves,” said Kaado.

Ariel Pina has lived in New Brunswick for 19 years and is currently a resident of Cook campus of Rutgers University in the city’s Second Ward.  He serves as the Treasurer of RU Progressive, and the Treasurer for Charlie’s campaign.

“I think we need a Mayor that looks out for the children and families of New Brunswick,” said Pina.  “The current administration has been prioritizing real estate developers over the needs of minority communities.”

Thomas Peoples is lifelong New Brunswick resident who has been a homeowner in the Fourth Ward since 1996.  He is a former Democratic Committeeman and Vice President and the former President of the Lincoln Gardens Crime Watch.

“New Brunswick needs a Mayor who is going into our neighborhoods and talking with residents, addressing their concerns, and attending government meetings like the City Council and Board of Education to stay in touch with what’s going on in the city,” said Peoples.  “I support Charlie Kratovil for Mayor because he does these things right now.”

Pastor Pedro Showell has been a resident of New Brunswick for more than 50 years and currently lives in the Fifth Ward.  He founded Iron Sharpens Iron Worldwide Deliverance Ministries, Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to helping young people build strong character and realize their full potential as responsible citizens and leaders.

“I believe Charlie is going to make significant changes to the city,” said Showell.

Lindy Stork has lived in New Brunswick for 45 years and owns a home in the Sixth Ward.  She served for over 30 years as a bilingual kindergarten teacher in New Brunswick’s public schools.

“I have always thought we should have more of a choice in terms of candidates who more closely reflect my personal views on a variety of issues, and now that person is Charlie,” said Stork.

Note: There is no longer a Third Ward in New Brunswick.