Uniformed City of New Brunswick Employee Caught Taking Kratovil For Mayor Signs

Mayor Cahill’s political machine is resorting to illegal tactics to hold on to power, and putting city workers in a difficult position

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Charlie Kratovil, the only independent candidate for Mayor of New Brunswick, personally intervened to stop a city worker from removing his campaign signs from the Second Ward neighborhood.

At about 4:15pm yesterday, an employee wearing a New Brunswick Department of Public Works uniform was observed removing the signs outside Kratovil’s home, which doubles as the campaign’s headquarters.

Kratovil confronted the employee, who promptly re-installed the sign that he had just removed from a neighbor’s house and then proceeded to retrieve three more campaign signs from his truck.  The incident was caught on video.

The employee said that DPW Superintendent Victor Fair had directed him to remove the signs.

“Shame on City Hall.  The current administration is known for mistreating their own workers, but sending out uniformed staff to engage in blatantly illegal, politically-motivated activities is a new low,” said Kratovil, who is challenging 31-year incumbent Mayor James Cahill in the November 8 election.

“I call on Mayor Cahill to run a clean campaign and stop abusing his power.  The people of New Brunswick deserve a fair election, without the incumbent putting his thumb on the scale by having public employees do his dirty work.”

Kratovil has established himself as a staunch advocate for workers, standing with other DPW employees at a Labor Day rally as they raised allegations of misconduct against the Cahill administration.

“It’s unfortunate that our public workers are being directed to execute political tasks by the administration, in order to suppress the voices of residents who want to see a change in our government,” said Kratovil.

Kratovil, a local activist and journalist for the past decade, showed respect and compassion towards the employee who was caught in the middle.

“Thank you to the gentleman for returning our signs.  He knows that I stand with the city’s workers.  They deserve so much better, and when I’m elected, I will work hard to clean up the corruption here, lead by example, and foster a culture of public service that will make our city and its workforce proud.”

Kratovil also sent a message to Fair, the supervisor who directed the employee to illegally remove the signs, insisting that all Kratovil for Mayor signs that were taken be returned by no later than 5pm today.

“I’m writing to demand that you immediately cease directing DPW staff to remove Charlie Kratovil For Mayor signs from around the city,” wrote Kratovil.  “This is not an appropriate use of city staff and taxpayer resources.”

New Brunswick residents who have had their yard sign taken, or would like to have one installed, can request one at: https://charlie4change.com/signs.