New Brunswick Mayor Candidates Call on 31-Year Incumbent to Debate The Issues

Kratovil and Powell: Residents deserve a series of debates as Mayoral vote nears

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—With three months to go before the November 8 Mayoral election, candidates Charlie Kratovil and Maria Powell are challenging incumbent Mayor James Cahill to  debate on issues of both immediate and long-term concern to residents of the city.

Cahill is one of the most entrenched Mayors in New Jersey, having held the office since 1991. Yet, he has not participated in a debate since the primary election of 2010 – more than 12 years ago. He also hasn’t given a “State of the City” address since 2019, violating New Jersey’s Faulkner Act, and hasn’t attended a City Council meeting in over a decade.

New Brunswick journalist and community organizer Charlie Kratovil, an Independent candidate who has actively participated in over 200 City Council meetings during the same period of time, says he is ready for a series of debates and believes the voters deserve nothing less.

“Voters deserve to hear from all of the candidates on their ballot this year.  I support having a series of public forums where we can each discuss how we would address the most pressing issues facing New Brunswick like the increasing unaffordability of the city, and our serious violent crime problem,” said Kratovil. “I’m proud of my platform for positive change in New Brunswick and I’ll happily discuss these policies any time, any place.”

Maria Powell, the Republican candidate who strongly supports an open dialogue to improve the political process for the voters of New Brunswick, stated: “It is time and the time is now that Mayor Cahill faces the American People, the residents of New Brunswick in participating in these debates to discuss the pressing social and economic challenges the City is facing. The people of New Brunswick deserve better and we can no longer permit his bad leadership. I am confident of my qualifications and what I have to offer to our city, and am open any day, any time, any place for a debate with all three candidates.”

Both candidates are uniting across ideological lines in the spirit of promoting a healthy democracy, as they believe it’s time for their opponent to come out of hiding and address the issues facing everyday residents. The people of New Brunswick deserve a Mayor who will face the public and answer questions about their stances on important topics. A series of debates will be an important opportunity for voters to get to know the candidates and their views.