Memorial To Honor Mass Shooting Victims and Demand Change Two Years Later

Community members and victims’ families to gather and demand improvements to public safety as violent crime rises

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Two years after the worst mass shooting in New Brunswick history, in which two community members lost their lives and seven others were injured, residents will gather to honor the lives of Anthony Robinson and Lionel Macauley and demand change when it comes to public safety in the Hub City. 

The memorial event, organized by the Charlie Kratovil For Mayor campaign and New Brunswick Crime Watch & Public Safety, will take place tonight, Tuesday, September 13 at 6:00 pm at the scene of the tragic incident. It will bring together the victims’ families and community stakeholders to mourn the loss of Robinson and Macauley, as well as urge action from City Hall as violent crime continues to plague New Brunswick. 

WHO: Mayor candidate Charlie Kratovil, victims’ family members, residents

WHAT: Memorial for victims of violence in New Brunswick

WHEN: Tuesday, September 13 at 6:00 pm 

WHERE: In front of 32 Delafield Street in New Brunswick

“The nine people hurt or killed that night are among more than 100 individuals who were attacked with weapons here over the past two and a half years,” said Kratovil, who will speak about public safety during the memorial. “My heart breaks for these victims and their families, many of whom I’ve gotten to know through my work as a news reporter and a community organizer.”

The memorial event comes in the wake of another tragic killing, which occurred this morning when a man was stabbed to death on Throop Avenue. Now, police are investigating an apparent shooting incident in Joyce Kilmer Park, but the city government still has not notified the public of that incident.

Kratovil has repeatedly called for the city government to be more transparent about violent crime in the city, and to show leadership on the important issue.

“It’s clear to me that these levels of violence constitute a crisis for our city. And that’s why I’m so outraged by the deafening silence from the city leadership,” said Kratovil. “At tonight’s memorial event, I will share some of my thoughts on the violence problem and how we can come together to make New Brunswick a safer city.”

All members of the community wishing to remember the lives of Robinson and Macauley and organize for improved public safety in New Brunswick are welcome and encouraged to attend the memorial event in solidarity with their neighbors.