Charlie supports policies that make our community a better place:


Make the NBPD More Proactive, Transparent, and Accountable

  • Establish a Public Safety Department to oversee police, fire, EMS, and emergency management
  • Provide access to real-time information about violent crime and dangerous situations
  • Hire police who live in New Brunswick and put more officers on foot patrol
  • Establish independent civilian review board for complaints against police

Stop the Violence by Alleviating Poverty, Eliminating Dangers, and Empowering People

  • Provide more positive activities for our youth, especially in the summer
  • Enforce the city’s abandoned property ordinance and fix up vacant buildings
  • Establish a team to assist people in crisis through non-criminal interventions
  • Open free computer labs with internet access in all five wards of our city


Make New Brunswick More Affordable For Renters, Families, and Workers

  • Require developers to include affordable housing in every major project
  • Create a job training program to connect residents with good-paying, safe jobs
  • Attract businesses that behave responsibly and create clean, green jobs
  • Reject all applications for long-term tax exemptions that hurt our school system

End homelessness in New Brunswick

  • Create hundreds of safe emergency housing units for homeless
  • Directly provide assistance to individuals and families in crisis
  • Strengthen rent control ordinance and tenant protections
  • Investigate slumlords and employers who abuse or rip off their workers


Improve New Brunswick’s Public Transportation System

  • Create a Transportation Department to replace the troubled Parking Authority
  • Work with community partners to develop a robust, free electric bus system
  • Develop a central online space for information about public transportation options
  • Make our streets and intersections safer for cyclists by building protected bike lanes

Protect Our Air, Water, and Climate

  • Protect the Raritan River and fight polluters who jeopardize our water sources
  • Oppose plans for new fossil fuel infrastructure like the Woodbridge power plant
  • Always tell the public immediately if there is a problem with the drinking water
  • Install more public garbage cans in busy areas to prevent litter


End Corruption in New Brunswick Government

  • Abolish the Parking Authority and take control of their $226 million of debt
  • Separate the Housing Authority from the Redevelopment Authority
  • Create an anti-corruption task force to investigate allegations of misconduct
  • Advocate for and abide by term limits for all elected officials

Encourage Public Participation and Improve Transparency

  • Host monthly bilingual public forums on issues that affect the community
  • Support strong neighborhood associations to advocate for the people of our city
  • Create a public access video channel to broadcast all public meetings
  • Advocate for same-day voter registration and more convenient polling places