Transportation Policy Intern

Access to clean, safe and affordable transportation is a lifeline for any community. We believe everyone, regardless of age, ability or income level, should be able to easily navigate our city using multiple modes of transportation, without concern for their safety or excessive financial burden. Interns will work closely with campaign leadership to develop detailed plans to improve New Brunswick’s transportation infrastructure. Interns will gain real-world experience analyzing transportation patterns and design in an urban environment, and will have opportunities to communicate directly with transportation users to inform policy proposals.

Start Date: As soon as practicable

End Date: November 8, 2022


  • 5 hrs/week average 
  • Maintain weekly meeting schedule with supervisor
  • In-person work in New Brunswick 
  • Baseline familiarity with transit systems and modes of transportation
  • Preferred: long-term residency in New Brunswick and familiarity with the transportation options and patterns of community members 


  • Research current transportation policy and key statistics on traffic, safety, and transit usage among segments of the community 
  • Work with campaign leadership to develop detailed, localized policy recommendations to address traffic, safety, and transit option issues in the city 
  • Coordinate with other team members to communicate and promote policy priorities to the public